Limitless was at SIGGRAPH 2017! 

SIGGRAPH Realtime Live -- The VR Creative Environment was featured in the 'best of the best' realtime event at the top graphics conference, where we showed how to build a VR story start-to-finish live onstage in 6 minutes to a 3000+ person audience.

Here's the video of the live presentation:

SIGGRAPH VR Village -- Reaping Rewards ran demos in SIGGRAPH VR Village all week to show how emotional choices in VR create experiences that you can't get in any other medium. Reaping Rewards was directed by Matthew Ward (Bungie, Lucasfilm, ImageMovers, Rainmaker) with music by Glen Phillips of Toad the Wet Sprocket. Reaping Rewards was built in the Limitless VR Creative Environment. Reaping Rewards was previously featured at Art of VR at Sotheby's sponsored by VR Society.